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Here we have a picture of the Swan Boats that children used to peddle around in on the moat that crossed the field behind Stokes Bay, followed by two pictures of the tea rooms that were where Stokes Bay Sailing club now stands. Ladies would take tea on the beach which they had carried down from the café on trays. The children’s Paddling Lake that was on the playing field and the Fleet Review of 1937 shows many people enjoying the spectacle of our once large navy: the pier can be seen in the background.

We also have photographs of the many crowds lining Stokes Bay to watch the 1929 Schneider Trophy air race. Britain won the Cup 3 times, 1927, 1929 and 1931.


The Archive contains more pictures of Stokes Bay from this era and beyond, all of which can be purchased as prints in sizes A4, A3 & A2 from J.C.Lawrence & Sons on the finest quality Baryta photographic paper. The prints do not have a watermark on them and are much sharper than they appear on this page. Every print comes with a certificate of authenticity. Our mounts are acid free to ensure the longevity of the photographs. Prices are as follows:          

A4 8.4" x 11.8" (21cm X 29.7cm)  £19.95 print only         £29.95  in mount

 A3 11.8"x16.8" (29.7cm x 42cm)  £44.95 print only          £64.95  in mount

A2 16.8"x 23.7" (42cmx 59.4cm)  £82.95 print only          £98.95  in mount

Strip 18.5"x8.5"(47cm x22cm)   £44.95 print only          £64.95  in mount

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