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This gallery contains photographs of Gosport in wartime, starting with the preparations for the D-Day offensive and the reinforcement operations that followed. Gosport played an important part in D-Day providing training bases and ideal locations to build Phoenix Caissons for the Mulberry Harbours. There were six embarkation points including Hardway, where you can still see the slipway from 1944 in use today. British and Canadian troops embarked from Hardway (shown above) for operation Overloard. The vehicles, including DD Sherman tanks, were reversed onto the LSTs to enable them to be driven off quickly on arriving at the beaches of Normandy. Stokes Bay is seen here with landing craft as far as the eye can see.

 The second page of the gallery also shows photographs of the extensive bomb damage to the town of Gosport during World War 2 and prisoners of war being taken through the town after arriving at Hardway. The joy of V.E. Day celebrations when the war was finally over is evident in the pictures . We have many more photographs documenting the bomb damage to Gosport during the Blitz, of the Fire Service and the town and surrounding area during WW2. 

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Photographs of D-Day Gosport and Stokes Bay June 1944

Photographs of D-Day Gosport and Stokes Bay June 1944Photographs of D-Day Gosport and Stokes Bay June 1944Photographs of D-Day Gosport and Stokes Bay June 1944



Gosport old photographs    Gosport old photographs



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